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About HomeScouting

In March of 2020, the Buckeye Council, Boy Scouts of America in Canton, OH created HomeScouting. HomeScouting is designed to continue supporting our kids, units, and leaders to continue their Scouting adventure during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  We have continuously pivoted and innovated to proactively provide families with needed programming and support as a result of all scouting activities being suspended and camps closed.  We have reoriented our entire approach to ensure we continue to deliver the mission of scouting in spite of unprecedented circumstances. 


So far, HomeScouting initiatives have impacted more than 13,000 individuals across all 50 states and 5 countries! 


The Spring BreakOut six-week program was an unprecedented success. We followed that with a week-long virtual program called Cyber Summer Camp focused on STEM based education about Space Flight and Space Exploration. To accomplish that program we partnered with NASA for exclusive content and created our own website (www.homescouting.org). Once again, the response and impact to youth was beyond remarkable. We are now moving forward with another six-week program called Survive the Summer that will be delivered through homescouting.org. This program will be similar to the Spring BreakOut program but feature all new activities focused on getting kids outdoors. The focus will be on teaching practical and modern survival skills such as overcoming inclement weather when camping, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, growing your own food, and completion of a conservation project. 

HomeScouting Impact

Over 40,000 thank you cards were sent to healthcare workers, emergency responders, and teachers during our Week of Service during the Spring BreakOut Program, adding up to over 40,000 hours of community service during this time.


Over 10,000 people from all 50 states, plus 5 countries are participating in HomeScouting delivered by the Buckeye Council.


2,713 youth learned about cyber safety at the beginning of the Spring BreakOut Program to prepare them for home schooling during this time.


2,407 adults took training on youth protection and for their position within Scouting.

Not only has HomeScouting served Scouts within the Buckeye Council, but within 200 other Boy Scout councils across the nation. 

Over 13,300 merit badges and Cub Scout adventures have been earned through HomeScouting programs, plus more than 2,800 STEM Nova Awards have been earned to accelerate Scouts’ interest in future STEM-based careers.

Most of all, we are continuing the Scouting adventure together, even though we are apart.

About HomeScouting Adventures

HomeScouting’s Spring BreakOut Program

In March, Buckeye Council launched its first six-week program on to encourage all Scouts, leaders, and their families to continue their Scouting adventure and provide the necessary resources to do so. This was a completely free program to participate in, where a weekly communication was sent with at-home activities to complete. At the conclusion of the six-weeks all participants earned the Spring BreakOut Award Patch that was mailed to all participants.

HomeScouting’s Cyber Summer Camp

With everything on Earth closed, we decided to head to space in June! Scouts and youth from across the country were invited to participate in a digitally delivered, at-home camp experience featuring exclusive NASA content through webinars with NASA Engineers Marc Butler, Al Menendez, and Tim Jace. Campers completed requirements for the STEM Nova Award, earn achievements towards rank advancement, and have an out of this world HomeScouting adventure!

HomeScouting’s Survive the Summer Program

It's time to put the OUTING back in SCOUTING in HomeScouting adventure: Survive the Summer! This six-week program will focus on equipping Scouts with essential survival skills for the outdoors as well as everyday life. Scout will learn how to survive the elements, grow their own food, save for their future, complete a conservation service project and more! Each week, beginning June 22, a new survival challenge will be released via email and on homescouting.org. If Scouts survive, they will receive the Survival Shield Award. Along the way, Scouts will also rack up achievements towards rank and merit badge awards.

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NEW: HomeScouting Adventure Club

Bring Scouting home this fall with the HomeScouting Adventure Club. "HAC" your scouting experience with monthly resources, videos, at home adventures, and tools so you and your family can bring Scouting to life in your backyard and living room. Digital content will be delivered through HomeScouting.org on the first of every month. The HomeScouting Adventure Club is designed to meet your needs by delivering engaging content that is flexible, easy to use, and affordable. 

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HomeScouting’s Cyber Sled Race

From the producers of Cyber Summer Camp, comes a brand new HomeScouting Adventure: Cyber Sled Race. Join Iditarod Sled Dog racer and Eagle Scout, Matthew Failor, on a race like you've never experienced. You'll have an exclusive, interactive webinar with Matthew, learn about training and racing a sled dog team, hone your winter outdoor skills, and compete to win prizes including a PlayStation 5!

HomeScouting Testimonials

"Cyber summer camp was amazing! My Scout is really looking forward to Survive the Summer! Thank you for putting together such wonderful programs!" - Hester S., Georgia

“Thank you Buckeye Council for putting together such a wonderful program. While my Scout was choosing which merit badge program he was going to concentrate on, my Cub Scout discovered robots. The whole week my Cub Scout (Simon) has been anxiously waiting to hear about robotics. At the end of the Robotics webinar with Tim Jace (where one of his questions was answered), I asked him what he thinks of robotics. He stopped, turned to look at me, his eyes huge, body trembling, and said, "Robotics. Is. AWESOME! I want to be robotics engineer and a hockey player!" At six he is already planning to join in the FIRST program. Thank you!” - Rebecca L., Parent from Bozeman, MT

"Just read week one of Survive the Summer and my Bear is going to love this even more than Cyber Summer Camp. Thank you for helping her and I have a great summer!" - Christy H., Colorado

"This program is being offered by a different council but it is amazing and very inexpensive. Josh completed the Cyber Space Camp last week and had a lot of fun with it. If you are still trying to find ways to keep the kiddo active and engaged at home, this is a great way to do it. They have fun experiments, physical fitness programs, and even lunchtime activities for the whole family. I'm happy to answer any questions as well, like I said Josh did Cyber Summer Camp and is now signed up for Survive the Summer." - Cub Scout Pack 488, Radcliff, KY

"The boys have been doing a combination of a homeschooling and Cyber Summer Camp. They’ve been having a lot of fun learning about how everything gets to space. The Buckeye Council has done an excellent job putting this together." - Mindy K., Parent

Our HomeScouting Heroes

Thanks to our HomeScouting Heroes! The following sponsors have made it possible for all HomeScouting Programs to be affordable for all families. 

Buckeye Boy Scouts Foundation

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Ed Roth

Kiwanis Club of Alliance

People's Services, Inc.

Torque Drives, Inc.

Alliance Rotary Club

Leonard Janchar

Jim Strauch

Jean Paddock

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