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What is Cyber Sled Race

Expanding on our virtual programs like Cyber Summer Camp and the HomeScouting Adventure Club, Buckeye Council, Boy Scouts of America has created Cyber Sled Race that launches on January 22, 2022. This allows families to continue to enjoy scouting from the comfort of their home. Content will be released on January 22nd and available all winter long to allow flexibility and can be completed at your own pace.

The original Cyber Sled Race also relaunches as you travel to the Iditarod with Matt Failor, Iditarod Sled Racer. Whether you choose to Survive the Cold or Mine for Gold, your adventure will take you to new worlds. Can’t decide? Do both and save $5 by using coupon code BUNDLE!

The virtual race course opens on January 22, 2022!

NOTE: All digital content for Cyber Sled Race: Survive the Cold is the same content originally released in December 2020. The exclusive webinar with Iditarod Sled Dog Racer, Matt Failor will be released on the race course but not live. Items in the pre-camp package are different though!

All Scouts who participated last year are invited back to complete adventures for their new rank, finish merit badges, and continue exploring snowy Alaska.

The Race Map

The virtual race course will be the hub for Cyber Sled Race with different areas just like an actual sled race! Content is available all winter long for those looking for a flexible schedule. There will be a different race course for Survive the Cold and Mine for Gold

Cyber Sled Race:

Survive the Cold


Start at Anchorage! Here you will find the all of the tracking tools, worksheets, and your guide to navigate the Race Course.


Knots & lashings are formed today the same ways they have been done for a long time. Build structures out of sticks and rope at Pioneer Point.


At Rohn, you’ll find an abundance of STEM experiments that are both fun and educational.


Learn all about basic first aid, pocket knife safety, and cold weather survival at the Survival Shack.


Prepare your lunch the same way you would along the Iditarod Trail!


Watch an exclusive webinar with Iditarod Racer and Eagle Scout, Matthew Failor at Webinar Waypoint.


Orient through the artic circle using a compass and waypoints. Prepare for an outdoor hike in the cold weather.


Find final reporting and instructions on how to win prizes, including a PlayStation 5 at the Final Frontier!

Cyber Sled Race:

Mine for gold

Race course stations coming soon for Cyber Sled Race: Mine for Gold!



In addition to fun engaging activities throughout the virtual race course, Scouts will also have the chance to earn the following advancements in each category. 

Cyber Sled Race:

Survive the Cold

In addition to fun engaging activities throughout the race, including: learning about outdoor winter cooking, building your own sled, basic and advanced knot tying, cold weather camping, Scouts will also have the chance to earn the following advancements in each category. 

lion logo.png

Lion - Mountain Lion

tiger logo.png

Tiger - Tigers in the Wild

Wolf logo.png

Wolf - Finding Your Way

bear logo.png

Bear - Bear Claws & Critter Care


Webelos - First Responder & Castaway


Arrow of Light - Castaway


Scouts BSA - Pioneering & Dog Care Merit Badges

Cyber Sled Race:


In addition to fun engaging activities throughout the race course, including: learning about plant and animal identification, mining for gold and minerals, and striking it rich when finding gold, Scouts will also have the chance to earn the following advancements in each category. 

lion logo.png

Lion - Gizmos & Gadgets

tiger logo.png

Tiger - My Tiger Jungle

Wolf logo.png

Wolf - Adventures in Coins

bear logo.png

Bear - Make It Move


Webelos - Cast Iron Chef & Earth Rocks!


Arrow of Light - Earth Rocks!


Scouts BSA - Mining in Society & Entrepreneurship Merit Badges


Participating in Cyber Sled Race is a low cost experience with high value for all participants - with $25 as the base package which gets access to the digital content and a base package. The $25 package is perfect for one Scout, youth, or parent. Purchase items al la carte for additional members of your family!


There will be a schedule for Cyber Sled Race for those looking for structure, however families can complete the activities at their own pace on their own time. Content will be available on the race course anytime to meet the needs of families.

frequently asked questions


I had access to the content earlier in the day, and now I don't. What happened?

Try clearing your browsing history, closing your browser, and coming back to With so many changes made to the site daily, we believe the cache can't keep up.  

Why don't I see my order under "My Orders"?

Some individuals are having issues with their order showing up under "My Orders." That's okay! We have received your order. This is most likely due to account creation after purchasing a package. Similar as to if you order a pizza using guest checkout, the next time to go and decide to create an account it doesn’t show previous orders.

Can I navigate the Race Map on a phone or a tablet?

You can use a tablet, but we do not recommend using a cell phone. The BEST experience is on a computer. We highly recommend using a computer to participate for Cyber Sled Race. 

How long will the Cyber Sled Race content be accessible after it concludes?

The Race Map and everything on will be accessible for Cyber Sled Race participants until April 1, so you can complete adventures at your own pace and explore as much as you want!

Will my Scout be turning in the worksheets and/or tracking tools?

No. All worksheets and tracking tools are for your use to keep track of what's been completed. We recommend keeping them in case your unit leader wants to see what's been accomplished as proof of completion. 

How will my unit leader know what my Scout completed?

We will send a “final report” to both parents and unit leaders through gathering information from each Scout on work done on different merit badges and other advancements and email it to your unit leader. See here for an example of the email to unit leaders. We used this for all previous programs, and it was positively received from unit leaders. 

Will there be counseling sessions for Merit Badges?

Yes! We are committed to helping as many Scouts who need a counselor. Scouts are encouraged to find a local counselor however to have the best learning experience. 

Why can't I access anything on the Race Course?

Only account holders who have purchased a package have access to the digital content for Cyber Sled Race. If you have made a purchase and still can't access, email us at with your order number to grant access. 

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