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Welcome to the Lion Den! While each rank in Cub Scouting is referred to as a "den" as a group of people, a "den" is also a place that animals can retreat to and call home. This is your den for the HomeScouting Adventure Club for Lions! 

Lions are boys and girls in kindergarten in fall of 2020. When you're ready, get started on your first HomeScouting Adventure!

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The animal kingdom encompasses all animals, including the lion. In many stories, the lion, as a member of the animal kingdom, provides leadership. And as the leader, lions must take into consideration the needs of the other animals. By cooperating with them, he makes the kingdom a better place to live. The Lion Scout should learn ways to contribute to the pride (family).

Make sure to download the connected worksheet for this month's adventure!


*required for adventure*

Requirement 1: Learn the role of someone who provides a service to your community.

In the wild, adult lions in a pride work together to protect the whole group from danger. Men and women keep our communities and our country safe by serving as law enforcement officers, emergency care providers, firefighters, and military service members.

If you can, meet with a first responder, community worker, or military veteran from your area. When you meet with them, make sure you:

  • Shake hands and thank the person for his or her service.

  • Ask about the reasons he or she became a public servant or volunteered to serve in the military.

  • Find out more about the work he or she does to improve the community or keep us safe here at home.


Then after you meet with a public servant or military veteran, write and send a thank-you note.

Say thank-you for taking the time to meet with you. Be sure to express your appreciation to the

person for his or her service. Find a sample thank you card in your connected worksheet!



*required for adventure*

Requirement 2: Demonstrate you know what to do in an emergency.

An emergency is when something serious happens that calls for you to act quickly. Acting quickly may help save a life! You can start by playing the Emergency Preparedness Game!


  • Emergency Preparedness Cards (on your worksheet) cut

  • A bowl or a hat to put the cards in

  • Optional: each of the first aid items

  • At least two people


  1. Cut each of the Emergency Preparedness Cards and place into a hat or a bowl. Have an adult or older sibling review the list of emergency scenarios and responses

  2. Have an adult or older sibling pick an emergency from the hat/bowl and stand in a spot in the room.

  3. Continue until all adults or older siblings are positioned.

  4. Have your Lion go to one person and listen to the emergency.

  5. The your Lion then goes to another box and selects the correct first-aid item to help the other person as quickly as possible. 

  6. Then your Lion quickly goes to the next person to "heal" them, and continues until all adults/siblings are healed. 

  7. Time how fast your Lion can do this.

  8. At the end of the game, go around the room and have each person share his or her emergency. Have the Lion share what they did to help the other person.

Interested in getting your Lion his or her own first aid kit? Order one in the HomeScouting Store!


*required for adventure*

Requirement 3: Choose two energy saving projects to practice in your home for two weeks

Have a family meeting to talk about what you and your family have learned about becoming sustainable citizens. Discuss the behavioral changes and life choices that your family can make to live more sustainably. Scouting has taught you values that you use in your everyday life. How can living by the Scout Oath and Scout Law in your daily life help promote sustainability and good stewardship? 

Doing Your Part: Minimizing Your Global Footprint

You might ask yourself what role you play in sustainability, what you can do to help sustain Earth. Completing this week's challenge is the first big step in educating yourself and increasing your awareness about the topic. Continue the trend by making your family, friends, and classmates more aware.

There are lots of steps you can take to save energy:

  • Turn the water off while brushing your teeth
    except for rinsing

  • Turn lights off in rooms you're not in

  • Take a shower instead of a bath

  • Buy only what you need or will consume.

  • Help reduce what goes in our landfills and make
    purchases based on minimal packaging.

  • Practice the three R’s of green living—recycle,
    reuse, reduce.

  • Take a genuine interest in practicing what you
    have learned and changing your lifestyle and
    habits at home, school, work, your place of
    worship, and in your community.


You—and your family—can make a pledge to be sustainability citizens. Who knows, you might take it a step further and pursue a career in the growing field of sustainability.

You can learn more about sustainable living by visiting Survive the Summer - Week 4!


*required for adventure*

Requirement 4: Participate in a Lion den family service project for others. NOTE: if you went to meet with someone who provides service to your community, this requirement is optional. 

Be the best part of someone else’s day by writing a simple thank you note to your teacher, a local hospital, or the food pantry down the road. Take a moment to write ten thank you notes letting someone know you’re thinking of them during this time. Below are examples of who to thank and sample messages for your notes. See our printable card templates, too!


  • Your local hospital

  • Your local police department

  • Your local fire department

  • Your teacher

  • Your principal

  • Your unit’s chartered organization

  • A local nursing home

  • A local food pantry


Healthcare Professional/Hospital
Thank you for being a life saver!

Thank you for risking your life while
saving others!

Your Principal and Teacher

Thank you for teaching me skills that will last a lifetime!

I am loving learning from home, thank you for teaching me!

Thank you for providing food for us even when we’re at home.

Police and Fire Departments

Thank you so much for keeping us safe!

Thank you for your dedication to

keeping us safe

in ___________ (town)!

A Nursing Home

I am thinking of you and hope you
have a good day!

Your Chartered Organization

Thank you for everything you do for
________ (unit).

I am thinking of you!

A Food Pantry

Thank you for opening your doors to
keep stomach’s full!




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