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  • IG UP 20 PRECIOUS GEMSTONES: Get ready to dig and discover like a pro! Dig stone is packed with 20 separate gems including natural crystal, amethyst, topaz, obsidian and more!
  • TOOLS AND POUCH INCLUDED: Hammer, Brush, chisel and magnifying glass included. Kids can use the pouch to store their haul! Use the chisel to chip away at the stone and brush excess clay away with the brush. Magnifying glass gives kids the opportunity to inspect their treasure up close.
  • KID-SAFE: Wood hammer, plastic brush and chisel allow your kids to feel like a real Geologists on a dig. Adult supervision is encouraged. Their excitement will grow as the embedded gems are slowly revealed!
  • EDUCATIONAL FUN: Classification guide teaches young geologists about the formation of gems, identifies gems and promotes curiosity about the natural world.

Dig 'Em Up Gemstones Dig Kit

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