Did you participate in the HomeScouting Program? Get your limited edition ghost Spring BreakOut Award, plus the metallic Spring BreakOut Award, and a regular Spring BreakOut Award for $100 to show your support of Scouting!


What is HomeScouting?

Buckeye Council launched a free, six week program on March 23 to encourage all Scouts, leaders, and their families to continue their Scouting adventure and provide the necessary resources to do so. Each week, participants received an email with at-home activities that they could complete as well as details on the Spring BreakOut Award that all Scouts, parents, and leaders can earn to continue their scouting adventure at home. Upon completion of the HomeScouting program, all participants received the Spring BreakOut patch. Check it out and access all of the HomeScouting Program for FREE and purchase a patch for the program. 

Limited Edition Ghost Spring BreakOut Award Patch


    Created by the Buckeye Council, Boy Scouts of America

    info@homescouting.org  |  2301 13th St NW, Canton, OH 44708