• Complete outdoor air powered rocket kit which includes launch pad, air hose, adjustable launch tube, stand and 5 rockets.
  • Kit includes 3 day rockets (non-LED) and 2 night (LED) lighted rockets. Night rockets look like fireworks in the sky.
  • For outdoor use. Day or Night. High performance rockets can travel up to hundreds of feet.
  • Very high quality construction. The reusable rockets are very durable and are designed to be launched over and over again.
  • Best quality air powered rocket kit available for the money! Skylight has 8 different air rocket kit variations. ToTo see all variations, click on the blue "Skylight" brand name above the product name at the top of the page.

Skylight Rocket Pro


    Created by the Buckeye Council, Boy Scouts of America

    info@homescouting.org  |  2301 13th St NW, Canton, OH 44708