This Spring!


By participating in the Spring BreakOut program, all scouts and parents will earn the Spring BreakOut Award and work on advancements along the way. The Spring BreakOut Award is a fun award, earned by completing simply tasks for each weekly challenge. 

Spring BreakOut Award = By completing each week's simple challenge, all Scouts, leaders, and parents will earn the Spring BreakOut Award. This award can be purchased in the HomeScouting Store. 

Other Advancements = By participating in the Spring BreakOut program, Scouts will complete activities that will help complete advancements for their age level in Scouting. For example, by observing the night sky for Week 2, Scouts can complete requirements for various Cub Scout Adventures and rank advancements. 

April HomeScouting Adventure Club Advancements = Included in the free Spring BreakOut program is exclusive access to the April HomeScouting Adventure Club. Here you will gain access to the ClubHouse where you can fully earn advancements for your rank. 

  • Lion - Mountain Lion

  • Tiger - Tigers in the Wild & My Tiger Jungle

  • Wolf - Paws on the Path

  • Bear - Bear Necessities & Fur, Feathers, and Ferns

  • Webelos - Webelos Walkabout & Into the Woods

  • Arrow of Light - Outdoor Adventure​ & Into the Woods

  • Scouts BSA / Venturing Merit Badge - Exploration


Can families from other councils join Spring BreakOut?

Yes! Spring BreakOut is free for Scouts across the nation! HomeScouting Adventures are not meant to replace any in-person Scouting programs, but to enhance the experience at home with your family. 

Will there be merit badge counseling sessions for the Exploration Merit Badge?

Yes! We are committed to helping as many Scouts who need a counselor. Scouts are encouraged to find a

local counselor however to have the best learning experience. 

I am really enjoying the HomeScouting Adventure Club, can I join the HomeScouting

Adventure Club at any time?

Yes! Anyone can join the HomeScouting Adventure Club at any point in time. As soon as you register by

purchasing a subscription and create an account, you'll have access to that month's content and future

months as they release. 

Will my Scout be turning in the worksheets and/or tracking tools?

No. All worksheets and tracking tools are for your use to keep track of what's been completed. We recommend keeping them in case your unit leader wants to see what's been accomplished as proof of completion. 

How will my unit leader know what my Scout completed?

We will have reporting tool open at the conclusion of the 4 weeks where you can enter work done on different merit badges and other advancements. We will then send this to both parents and unit leaders. See here for an example of the email to unit leaders. We use this for all HomeScouting programs, and it is positively received from unit leaders. 


Pre-Order your Spring BreakOut Award patches. These will be mailed in May directly to your house. Shipping on all items in the HomeScouting Store is free, always!

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