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Cyber Summer Camp returns for a fifth season featuring brand new package options, updated advancements for Cub Scouts, and more flexibility for you to participate! Choose “All 4 One” and purchase one of our Combo Packages unlocking access to all 4 Cyber Summer Camp programs, or select “1 for All” and purchase digital-only packages that grant access to a single program. Whether you choose to aim high, dive deep, drill down, or step behind your adventure will take you to new worlds. The virtual campgrounds for all programs opens June 1 and will remain open until October 1. 


Go Beyond the Stars with the original Cyber Summer Camp as you travel to space with exclusive webinars featuring NASA engineers. You’ll discover adventure through robotics, space exploration, and astronomy.  Cyber Summer Camp Below relaunches featuring exclusive webinars with marine biologists, shark experts, and an oceanographer. You’ll explore a coral reef, learn about oceanic wildlife, and practice water conservation as you go Below the Surface. You can also travel Beneath the Crust with geologists and archaeologists as you unlock hidden mysteries by finding fossils, investigate the depths of Earth’s crust, learn about rock formation, and explore volcanoes. And lastly, your tale unfolds through animated pages, digital imagery, and the language of coding as you travel Behind the Screen. In each program you will complete requirements for a STEM Nova Award, and earn achievements towards rank advancement and Merit Badges.

Virtual campgrounds open on June 1 for all programs and stay open until October 1

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