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HomeScouting was created by the Buckeye Council, Boy Scouts of America in Canton, OH. HomeScouting is designed to offer virtual programs across the country and around the world. In March 2020, HomeScouting launched its six-week Spring BreakOut Program and evolved to serve over 14,000 youth and their families in all 50 states and across the world in 5 countries.


Expanding on our virtual programs like HomeScouting’s Spring BreakOut Program, Buckeye Council, Boy Scouts of America created Cyber Summer Camp that launched on June 8 to deliver an exciting STEM-based adventure featuring live webinars with NASA engineers. The next evolution of HomeScouting was Survive the Summer where we put the Outing back in Scouting! Then in the fall, we launched the HomeScouting Adventure Club! This is a monthly subscription that features fun, family activities, and advancement. In December 2020, we went to snowy Alaska to visit with Matthew Failor, Iditarod Racer & Eagle Scout with Cyber Sled Race! Exactly 365 days after HomeScouting launched its original Spring BreakOut program, we released a new and improved Spring BreakOut program where we Zoomed Out and shut down devices and got outside!

This summer, Cyber Summer Camp returned with marine biologists as participants went Below the Surface to study oceans, sharks, and other aquatic ecosystems. The HomeScouting Adventure Club continues and you're invited to continue your adventure of Scouting at home and in your backyard with our monthly subscription program. 

Finally, also serves as Buckeye Council's new Scout experience. All Buckeye Council Scouts are invited to take part in a free rocket academy, register for Family Adventure Camps, find resources, and more!

Begin your adventure today by exploring any of our programs below!

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HomeScouting Adventure Club

Bring Scouting home with the HomeScouting Adventure Club. "HAC" your scouting experience with monthly resources, videos, at home adventures, and tools so you and your family can bring Scouting to life in your backyard and living room. The HomeScouting Adventure Club is designed to meet your needs by delivering engaging content that is flexible, affordable, and easy to use. 

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Cyber Summer Camp

Cyber Summer Camp returns with an all new underwater experience featuring exclusive, live webinars with marine biologists, shark experts, and an oceanographer. You’ll explore a coral reef, learn about oceanic wildlife, and practice water conservation as you go Below the Surface. The original Cyber Summer Camp also relaunches as you travel to space with exclusive webinars featuring NASA engineers. You’ll discover adventure through robotics, space exploration, and astronomy as you go Beyond the Stars. In July, the original Cyber Summer Camp will relaunch as you travel to space with exclusive webinars featuring NASA engineers.

Join Scouting

We’re so excited that your family is interested in Scouting! And now that Scouts is open to both girls and boys, even more youth will have access to the awesome character development and values-based leadership opportunities that Scouting provides.

Here you will find information on joining Scouting, the free Rocket Academy, registration for Family Adventure Camps, and the Cub Scout Free Trial. 

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