Cyber Summer Camp



June 14-18

cyber summer camp

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Your next HomeScouting adventure will take you Below the Surface, Beyond the Stars, or Both! Cyber Summer Camp returns with an all new underwater experience this June featuring exclusive, live webinars with marine biologist Dr. Juan J. Cruz Motta from the University of Puerto Rico and other guest scientists. You’ll explore a coral reef, learn about oceanic wildlife, and practice water conservation as you go Below the Surface. In July, the original Cyber Summer Camp will relaunch as you travel to space with exclusive webinars featuring NASA engineers. You’ll discover adventure through robotics, space exploration, and astronomy as you go Beyond the Stars.


In each program you will complete requirements for a STEM Nova Award, and earn achievements towards rank advancement and Merit Badges. Whether you choose to aim high or dive deep, your adventure will take you to new worlds. Can’t decide? Choose the Backpack Bundle to experience everything!

When you're ready, go Beyond, Below, or Both!