What is Cyber Summer Camp?

Expanding on our virtual programs like HomeScouting, Buckeye Council, Boy Scouts of America has created a Cyber Summer Camp that launched on June 8 to deliver an exciting STEM-based adventure. This allows families to continue to enjoy scouting from the comfort of their home. Content will be updated daily, featuring live webinars with NASA engineers and will be available on the virtual campground at anytime to meet the needs of families. It's not too late to join Cyber Summer Camp! The program is completely flexible and can be completed at your own pace. 

June 8 - 12, 2020

The Virtual Campground

The virtual campground will be the hub for Cyber Summer Camp with different areas just like an actual campground! Content will be updated daily during Cyber Summer Camp in each area of the virtual campground, but it will be available anytime after it's published for those looking for a flexible schedule. 

  • Launch Pad = Connected at-home activities. Scouts can work on at-home activities that help fulfill the NOVA Award, but are also fun!

  • Mission Control = Core NOVA Award Content. Mission Control will be the hub to track progress towards the NOVA Award. 

  • Leaders Lounge = Training Series. Unit Program Planning, Den Leader Scoutbook, Unit Leader Scoutbook, Budgeting, Succession Planning, Recruitment in a Virtual World

  • The Lab = Selected STEM Education. The Lab features pre-selected STEM experiments that's both fun and educational.

  • Dining Hall = Lunchtime Programs. Daily, there will be an optional lunchtime program you can tune into!

  • Fitness Center = Train like an Astronaut. Learn about staying fit in a small environment and train like an astronaut in space!

  • Dark Side of the Moon = Optional Evening Activities. Join us for optional evening activities during Cyber Summer Camp!

NOVA Award

Scouts will focus on earning the NOVA Award and interact with a NASA engineer each day during live
interactions. By completion of Cyber Summer Camp, the following will be (mostly) earned: 

  • Cub Scouts = Out of this World NOVA Award + at least one rank adventure* 

  • Scouts BSA = Shoot! NOVA Award + at least one merit badge

  • Venturers = Launch! NOVA Award +  at least one STEM exploration

*NOTE: Lions and Tigers are not eligible to earn the NOVA Award, however there are plenty of activities and advancements that will be completed during Cyber Summer Camp. For those Scouts participating that will be Lions and Tigers as of June 1, you can participate in the live NASA interactions, experiments, and everything during camp, however you can not use completion of NOVA award requirements to earn the Out of this World NOVA award when becoming a wolf. In addition, all activities during Cyber Summer Camp are for the Cub Scouts new rank (i.e. Cub Scouts exiting the first grade in May of 2020 will be Wolves at Cyber Summer Camp).


To fully complete the Nova Award, Scouts are to complete one rank advancement. The following will be worked on during Cyber Summer Camp:


Lion Rank –

Gizmos & Gadgets


Tiger Rank –

Sky is the Limit



Wolf Rank –

Motor Away

Collections & Hobbies


Bear Rank –


Super Science


Webelos / Arrow of Light Rank –


Adventures in Science




Space Exploration






Space Exploration

If Scouts BSA/Venturing participants have already completed the merit badges/STEM explorations above, you can pick one of the following to complete for the Nova Award or use your completion of the above to fulfill the Nova Award.


Archery, Game Design, Rifle Shooting, Sustainability, Athletics, Weather, Aviation, Shotgun Shooting


We tried to keep the cost of Cyber Summer Camp low - with $25 as the base package which gets access to the digital content. The $25 package is perfect for one Scout, youth, or parent. Purchase items al la carte for additional members of your family!

Flexible Schedule

There will be a schedule for Cyber Summer Camp for those looking for structure, however families can complete the activities at their own pace on their own time. Content will be updated daily, featuring live, interactive videos with NASA engineers and will be available on the virtual campground at anytime to meet the needs of families.


Frequently Asked Questions

I had access to the content earlier in the week, and now I don't. What happened?

Try clearing your browsing history, closing your browser, and coming back to homescouting.org. With so many changes made to the site daily, we believe the cache can't keep up.  

Is it too late to join Cyber Summer Camp?

No! You can sign up now and have access to the content until 9/1! We will also leave the “final reporting” tool as an open form so whenever you completes the program, you can fill it out and we’ll send the info to your unit leader. If you register after 6/12, you will need to find your own Nova or merit badge counselor. 

Why can't I access anything on the Virtual Campground?

Only account holders who have purchased a package have access to the digital content for Cyber Summer Camp. If you have made a purchase and still can't access, email us at info@homescouting.org with your order number to grant access. 

Why don't I see my order under "My Orders"?

Some individuals are having issues with their order showing up under "My Orders." That's okay! We have received your order. This is most likely due to account creation after purchasing a package. Similar as to if you order a pizza using guest checkout, the next time to go and decide to create an account it doesn’t show previous orders.

Where do I start on the Virtual Campground?

Start with Mission Control and read through the information before getting started for the day. Here you will find all of the guided worksheets and tracking tools for camp. The worksheets and tracking tools work together to help guide you through what to complete for your Scout's rank. Follow the order of campground areas in Mission Control. Launch Pad, then The Lab, then Fitness Center, etc. 

Can I navigate the Virtual Campground on a phone or a tablet?

You can use a tablet, but we do not recommend using a cell phone. The BEST experience is on a computer. We highly recommend using a computer to participate in Cyber Summer Camp. 

I am a Cub Scout, should I complete adventures for my old rank or my new rank?

Cub Scouts should complete adventures for their new/future rank, however for this year only, Cub Scouts have until July 31, 2020 to complete adventures for the old rank! So if you want to finish adventures for your old rank you can, or get a head start on your new rank!

How long will the Virtual Campground be accessible after camp concludes?

The virtual campground and everything on homescouting.org will be accessible for Cyber Summer Camp participants until August 1, so you can complete adventures at your own pace and explore as much as you want!

Will my Scout be turning in the worksheets and/or tracking tools?

No. All worksheets and tracking tools are for your use to keep track of what's been completed. We recommend keeping them in case your unit leader wants to see what's been accomplished as proof of completion. 

How will my unit leader know what my Scout completed?

We will send a “final report” to both parents and unit leaders through gathering information from each Scout on work done on different merit badges and other advancements and email it to your unit leader. See here for an example of the email to unit leaders. We used this for our Spring BreakOut HomeScouting program, and it was positively received from unit leaders. 

Can I be my Scout's Nova Counselor? 

Yes. A parent can serve as a Nova counselor for their Scout. See below for how to register with your local Scout Council. 

  • Must be age 21 or older

  • Register as a Nova Counselor (position code 58, non-unit position, no registration fee) using the BSA Adult Application

  • Must complete BSA’s Youth Protection Training

  • Should complete Nova Counselor training available at my.scouting.org.  Log in, click “BSA Learn Center”, then “STEM in Scouting.”

What about a digital blue card?

Through the final reporting tool, each Scout that has a merit badge or Nova counseling session through Cyber Summer Camp, will receive an email from the counselor and Buckeye Council verifying completion of the merit badge. This is then to be sent to your unit's Scoutbook coordinator who will enter it into Scoutbook. IF a blue card is needed, Scoutbook can print one and your unit leader can record the completion themselves. Use your tracking tools and worksheets as proof of completion if your unit leader has any questions. Cyber Summer Camp and the Buckeye Council will NOT be issuing any physical blue cards. 

When will we receive our patches? 

Patches will be in the mail in early July, as they are still being made. 

Created by the Buckeye Council, Boy Scouts of America

info@homescouting.org  |  2301 13th St NW, Canton, OH 44708