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"HAC" your scouting experience with monthly resources, videos, at home adventures, and tools so you and your family can bring Scouting to life in your backyard and living room. Digital content will be delivered through on the first of every month. The HomeScouting Adventure Club is designed to meet your needs by delivering engaging content that is flexible, easy to use, and affordable. 

"This program is amazing and very inexpensive. Josh completed the Cyber Summer Camp and had a lot of fun with it. If you are still trying to find ways to keep the kiddo active and engaged at home, this is a great way to do it."

- Cub Scout Pack 488, Radcliff, KY

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Each month will have a theme with connected advancements. With enough work, each Scout can earn up to 1 Cub Scout Adventure or 1 merit badge on a monthly basis.

See the schedule of all connected advancements for 2022 and 2023!



All HomeScouting Adventures are just that: an at-home Scouting adventure to have as a family! Scouting has always been a program that can take place at home as a family, so each month's theme and content will feature items for everyone! 



All HomeScouting programs are on demand adventures. You can move through the program at your own pace and on your own time. There are no scheduled Zoom meetings and no deadlines.  If you subscribe to the HomeScouting Adventure Club, content will expire 60 days after it is published to give you two months to complete any specific at home adventure. 

All HomeScouting Adventures come with easy to use printable tracking tools and simple worksheets to guide you through your adventures. We are committed to providing as much content as you want. If you want to learn about the in-depth details about a certain subject, we've got you covered! If you want to learn the basics, we've got that covered too!



We're focused on providing you the support you need, when you need it the most. Almost all advancements in Scouting can be completed with items you already have around the house. The HomeScouting Adventure Club provides you and your Scout in-depth explanation, guidance, and tools to bring Scouting to life right at home on a dedicated, fully supported website with rich and dynamic content created specifically for the HomeScouting Adventure Club. 


We're making it easy for you to invest your time where it matters most, with your family. 



$10/month gets your entire family access to the digital content available each month! Each month we will feature theme-related products in the store available for you to purchase to be mailed directly to your door with free shipping. Always. 


Interested in registering your entire den, patrol, pack, or troop?! We've got you covered. Learn about group pricing today.

Discover monthly content delivered directly to your inbox and on

  • Work on at least 1 Cub Scout Adventure or 1 merit badge each month 

  • Fun at-home activities for the whole family

  • Printable worksheets and tracking tools


annual subscription

Discover monthly content delivered directly to your inbox and on

  • Work on at least 1 Cub Scout Adventure or 1 merit badge each month 

  • Fun at-home activities for the whole family

  • Printable worksheets and tracking tools




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under the stars

Cub Scout Adventures

Lion - On Your Mark

Tiger - My Tiger Jungle

Wolf - Call of the Wild

Bear - Bear Necessities

Webelos - Castaway

Arrow of Light - Castaway

Scouts BSA / Venturing Merit Badge

Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge



Cub Scout Adventures

Lion - Gizmos and Gadgets

Tiger - Games Tigers Play

Wolf - Howling at the Moon

Bear - Marble Madness

Webelos - Stronger, Faster, Higher

Arrow of Light - Outdoor Adventure

Scouts BSA / Venturing Merit Badge

Electricity Merit Badge


Healthy Habits

Cub Scout Adventures

Lion - Fun on the Run

Tiger - Tiger Bites

Wolf - Running with the Pack

Bear - Bear Picnic Basket

Webelos - Cast Iron Chef

Arrow of Light - Scouting Adventure

Scouts BSA / Venturing Merit Badge

Traffic Safety Merit Badge


Aware and care

Cub Scout Adventures

Lion - Animal Kingdom

Tiger - Tiger: Safe and Smart

Wolf - Cubs Who Care

Bear - Bear Claws

Webelos - Aware and Care

Arrow of Light - Aware and Care

Scouts BSA / Venturing Merit Badge

Fire Safety Merit Badge


duty to country

Cub Scout Adventures

Lion - King of the Jungle

Tiger - Good Knights

Wolf - Council Fire

Bear - Paws for Action (Duty to Country)

Webelos - First Responder

Arrow of Light - Building a Better World

Scouts BSA / Venturing Merit Badge

Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge

january 2024

home improvement

Cub Scout Adventures

Lion - I'll Do It Myself

Tiger - Team Tiger

Wolf - Germs Alive!

Bear - Baloo the Builder

Webelos - Build It

Arrow of Light - Build It

Scouts BSA / Venturing Merit Badge

Art Merit Badge


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Can I join the HomeScouting Adventure Club at any time?

Yes! Anyone can join the HomeScouting Adventure Club at any point in time. As soon as you register by purchasing a package and create an account, you'll have access to that month's content and future months as they release. 

Can families from other councils join the HomeScouting Adventure Club? 

Yes! The HomeScouting Adventure Club is for Scouts across the nation! HomeScouting Adventures are not meant to replace any in-person Scouting programs, but to enhance the experience at home with your family. 

Will there be materials mailed to my house to complete the activities?

No. We designed the HAC to meet the needs of Scouting families through flexible, easy to use  Instead of a box filled with things found in your local Scout Shop, the HomeScouting Adventure Club provides you the tools and resources that you NEED to make Scouting come to life in your living room and backyard. Most adventures in Scouting can be completed with household items, but we will be featuring theme-related product in the store monthly to enhance your HAC. 

How does HomeScouting Adventure Club compare to Cyber Summer Camp?

Cyber Summer Camp was a week-long focused program with new content releasing every day and the HomeScouting Adventure Club releases content on the 1st of every month. 1 Day of Cyber Summer Camp = 1 Month of HomeScouting Adventure Club.

Will there be merit badge counseling sessions like during Cyber Summer Camp?

Yes! We are committed to helping as many Scouts who need a counselor. Scouts are encouraged to find a local counselor however to have the best learning experience. 

Why don't I see my order under "My Orders"?

Some individuals are having issues with their order showing up under "My Orders." That's okay! We have received your order. This is most likely due to account creation after purchasing a package. Similar as to if you order a pizza using guest checkout, the next time to go and decide to create an account it doesn’t show previous orders.

Will my Scout be turning in the worksheets and/or tracking tools?

No. All worksheets and tracking tools are for your use to keep track of what's been completed. We recommend keeping them in case your unit leader wants to see what's been accomplished as proof of completion. 

How will my unit leader know what my Scout completed?

We will have reporting tool open at all times beginning October 1 where you can enter work done on different merit badges and other advancements. We will then send this to both parents and unit leaders. See here for an example of the email to unit leaders. We used this for all past HomeScouting programs, and it was positively received from unit leaders. 

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